The Western World

by manualformen

In the twentieth century, the christian confessions in the western countries have lost practically all the control over the animalistic instincts of the people. Coupled with the spread of liberalism, destruction of institution of marriage and introduction of universal suffrage, it significantly lowered the level of personal responsibility for all the political decisions. Democracy became an ideology to justify placing one’s own interests above the interests of society at the individual level, and transformed from mechanism to compromise and balance interests of the people into a set of techniques to control the electorate. Two world ward, two massacres caused crisis in humanism as the ideology of the christian world, and made a strong negative impact on traditions and morals. The two thousands of years of christian priests’ hard work to balance European societies were nullified. The developments in medicine and pharmaceutics allowed women not to give birth, and, in the environment of high safety and satiety, a woman got a real opportunity to do without a man. That led to the drop in men’s status in society. Furthermore, the state, in union with the feminists, worked to weaken men further — to make the electorate more prone to manipulations. I.e. the government joined forces with women against men, and took the newly vacant spot of the high-rank leader in the hierarchy. The society degraded into matriarchy and started marching toward its death.

A relationship always involves conflict of interests. Relationships between genders is not an exception. In a traditional family, which struggles for survival, a woman could not do without a man — due to biological constraints of our species, one can not provide both primary care and bacon for the offsprings. There was a compromise between interests of men and women. But nowadays, being able to do without a man gave a woman an opportunity to haggle hard, and to raise the boys weak to give herself an ever greater advantage — the so called “gender wars”, spearheaded by feminists. The result of imbalance was breaking of reproductive functionality — every developed society suffers from a demographic crisis. Put simply, women, instead of bearing and raising children, prefers to fight weakened men for the material wealth, using the power of the state apparatus. The system of state matriarchy transformed the hierarchical structure of the of European nations resembles into a pyramid that resembles an unbalanced stone age matriarchy. Having stopped bearing children, western emancipated woman were no longer fully fledged females, for they fail to fulfill their basic function — reproduction, yet, due to matriarchal upbringing of men and massive feminist propaganda campaign, they not only kept their female privileges, but attained a superior rights as well — despite the equality stated in the constitutions. We will address this in greater detail later — the entire eighth chapter is devoted to feminism.

To compensate for the population decrease, the western governments have to accept a huge amount of migrants from the countries, where the religion and culture are not yet destroyed by the matriarchy the people still reproduce successfully. That does not solve the problem — most of the migrants have a high instinct drive, which does not correspond to the democratic structure of the western hierarchy, in fact, the act more as a destructive factor. In essence, what happens is capture of territory, without bloodshed — so far.

As any large system, the western society has big inertia, and the degradation, although accelerating, will take several decades. The legal tradition of private property existed in the west for many centuries, and it is not so easy to take something that belongs to another. Most marriages will only be entered with prenuptial agreements which separate the assets of the pair. The partner type relationship between a man and a woman is still prevalent, many regions have strong cultural traditions — all that slows the degradation process. Also, some women themselves seek to return to the traditional type of relationship, which is, however, extremely difficult in the matriarchal anti-men legal framework, which blocks male initiative. Many religious confessions, which call themselves christian, abandoned their primary purpose and serve the process of matriarchal degradation. Some take women as clergy, while it is common sense that making a woman a clergy is aking to making a repeat felon a county’r prosecutor. Other bless homosexual marriages. And all of them bless the official marriages that discriminate against men via legal means. Degradation manifests itself not only in the inter gender relationships, but in other spheres as well. For example, the population’s interest toward animalistic behavior such as theft and murder grows, the most popular book and movie genres are pornography, pulp fiction and action movies. The discrepancy between instinctive programs and modern realities, which was fixed by the clergy before, is now being taken care of by the army of psychologists and psychotherapists, who do not quite grasp what they are dealing with. If this trend continues, in just a century there will be very few native Europeans left, as they do not reproduce. But, they will inherit and own most of the wealth in the world. At the same time, due to immigration, there will be a high number of high-instinct drive, poor citizens living alongside.

At some point the poor majority, mostly Muslims, will deman the redistribution of power and wealth. Kosovo and Chechnya will start looking like kids’ playground. Ethnic Europeans will be culled — all according the biological law we described previously. A matriarchy-infested society will perish, its territory and material wealth will be picked up by those with a balanced culture. European states will become a couple of pyramidal hierarchical structures — under Islam’s patronage. Something like “The European Caliphate”. The cycle will complete, and continue: accumulation of low-instinct-drive gene pool — democracy — matriarchy — death.

Though, we still have a chance….

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