The Great Roman Empire

by manualformen

The next milestone in the civilization history is The Great Roman Empire. Having absorbed the low-instinct-drive gene pool, having taken the culture, religion and technology of the Greek, Rome acreated the perfect army of the era, civil society, classical law, advanced the technology and conquered all the countries it could get to, and achieved an all-time high level of prosperity and well being. And that well being was Rome’s downfall.

Rome was not be saved by its wealth, nor it was saved by its perfect army, nor it was saved by its exceptional bureaucracy. The well being and safety caused the matriarchal imbalance, and the traditional religion could not handle it. As Cato The Elder wrote: “everywhere men rule their wives, yet we, who rule all the men, are ruled by our wives”. The female instinct of the Roman women did not perceive the henpecked Roman men as genetically adequate males. And a female will not conceive from a weakling, no matter what. It is the law of evolution. This results in low birth rates, demographic crisis, and death under barbarians’ axes. Caesars tried appeal to women to bear children, but it was useless. To compensate, the Romans started giving citizenship to foreigners and conscript barbarians in the army. The priests of the ancient religions got too preoccupied with money grubbing and power struggles. I.e. followed their animalistic instincts and failed to fulfill their direct duties — to control of instinct of fellow men and to battle the tendency toward matriarchy. A rather standard development.

In a well known experiment, a rat had an electrode embedded in the brain’s pleasure center. Pressing a pedal activated the electrode. The rat kept on pressing the pedal until it starved to death. In another experiment, a community of mice were put into ideal conditions — the mice heaven experiment. Plenty of food, cleanliness, safety, cozy warm lairs. At first, mice reproduced happily, but in just a few generations the mice got bored, stopped reproducing, attacked each other unprovoked, and finally all died. Romans went the same path. Swimming in the wealth robbed from the rest of the world, they focused on pleasure and entertainment. They lost the ability to fulfill basic reproductive functions and to keep the society going. Thousands of gladiators died in Colosseums across the Empire. Wine was flowing as a river. Patricians stuffed themselves with gourmet food. Plebs stuffed themselves with free bread. The deviations of late roman rulers are legendary. No being can survive through endless and unlimited pleasure.

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