by manualformen

Russia is a rather exotic country with interesting history. Russian population has a low average level of instinct drive and low rank potential. The former is characteristic of Nordic ethnicities, which formed in harsh climate. The latter is characteristic of large old pyramidal ethnicities. In all periods of history, the fraction of economically independent small business owners was very small. I.e. Russia has a gene pool which is usually found in democratic societies, but the real hierarchical structure always was — and is — a classical pyramid. From time to time, a border region, where the fraction of the small business owners was significant, and the rank potential was higher due to runaway serfs and captured (in wars) high-instinct-drive women, spontaneously formed a self-governed democratic autonomy (Cossacks). From time to time, a tsar, having been impressed with the success of the European neighbors, reformed the country and copied the facade of the western democratic world via authoritarian means — that merely lead to strengthening of the pyramid. This is usually called “Distinctive Russian Path”. The last attempt to civilize Russia western style almost succeeded, it started with freeing the serfs and reached its peak during Stolypin reforms. The Bolsheviks, however, managed to free the “steal” instinct under the “Steal the Stolen!” slogan. Due to the lack of an effective counter balance for the freed instinct, the reforms ended with the October coup, massacres and formation of strict caste hierarchy with deified supreme ruler (Stalin’s regime).

The peculiarity of modern Russia is that our cultural tradition is almost completely destroyed. In any other country, the behavior of the people is determined both by instincts and reason and then is corrected by culture and religion. In Russia it is not corrected, Russia is unique in a sense that the only thing that determines behavior are animalistic instincts and the mind that serves the instincts. For the past hundred years, the country lives without any effective compensation mechanism, with the exception of police. The Orthodox church failed to deal with the “steal” instinct in the beginning of the twentieth century, which has grown in power due to high economic growth. Out of all modern societies, Russia is the most imbalanced one. This is the reason of all sorts of revolutions, coups, criminality and lawlesness all over the territory of the former Soviet Union. This is the reason why Russians, despite having low instinct drive, behave like members of high-instinct-drive ethnicities. Act as savages, put bluntly. Just look at the behavior of Russian tourists abroad, and Courchevel scandal. Or look at the low living standards with abundance of natural resources. These are all characteristics of a high-instinct-drive society that can’t organize. Russia is perfect to study the influence of instincts that are only corrected by the mind.

In modern Russia, the only places one can find democracy at work are agricultural and real estate cooperatives. The places where the territorial instinct can at least enable responsibility and common sense in the owners. Everywhere else the democracy is purely nominal, the real structure is classical pyramid.

Once I was doing a thermography of a new building to measure the heat loss. One of the workers asked how much my equipment costs. Having received an answer, that the equipment costs around 000, he acted very surprised and asked if I am afraid to walk around with such expensive equipment. I said no, because it makes no sense to steal it. The tool is very difficult to sell, but easy to be caught with, because it is not commonly used. To use it, or to sell it, one needs a license, and every tool is being tracked by some sort of secret service, because it can be used for military purpose. The worker said that he would still steal it, just to own it, even if it does nothing but takes space in a closet. I asked him, why steal, if there is no sense to it. He failed to find an answer, but repeated, with confidence, that he would steal it anyway. This conversation illustrates the influence of the “steal” instinct, which is not countered or corrected by religion or tradition. The instinct made the decision to steal something, and even though the mind can’t find a use for it, it serves the instinct and makes a plan how. Normally, however, the mind easily finds arguments and finds reasons for the decision made by instinct (rationalizes). This is why the life of Russian society for the past c entury is best described as “they steal”. Even if it completely unprofitable.

Another thing unique to our country is that both during the Civil War and under the rule of communist regime the male population was systematically cleansed. The smart, rich, independent men at all levels of society, from the aristocracy (including tsar’s family) to peasantry, were banished or killed. The tradition of men’s initiative, the most valuable genes, the low-instinct-drive high-rank men with enabled leader’s instinct were purposefully destroyed. The new social hierarchy was built according to the new genetic composition and felon’s mentality of the high-rank, high-instinct-drive Chief of All People — a standard caste pyramid with deified supreme leader. He was even called “Chief” — as in a pyramidal tribe. At the same time, the Bolsheviks expanded the role of the woman in society. Traditional family was destroyed with its economic basis — ability of a man to earn enough money to provide for it. The woman was torn away from the house fireplace, and put to work in a state-owned factory or company. The state feminized the society, the state’s repression apparatus made an alliance with the women against men to turn men into obedient, easily controlled servants, and at the same time prevented the women from relying on a man and his resources. the older generation still remembers how women brought their complaints to the husband’s managers, and wrote anonymous letters to the special party service. Husbands then were “worked over” during company meetings and in managers’ offices. The state was directly regulating family life. A man was squeezed between a rock and a hard place, and was squished. Man became a functional woman’s appendage at home and a cog of the state’s industrial machine at work. He became low-rank.

To drive the men into the trap marriage has become, USSR instituted a special childless men tax, which covered all men of legal age. This makes just as much sense as taxing women for not impregnating men — it is not their biological function. A woman, to provide for her and the children drove the sluggish and inert husband to a low paid state job (there were no other jobs). As it follows, men, living in unnatural conditions, deprived of rights, deprived of opportunity, put in position of state slaves, ruined themselves by drinking and died from heart failure en mass. A slave is ineffective in war and in labor, and does not live long. There is no point to live, to work or to fight…

All the cultural counter balances to female domination described before were destroyed:

1. Physical impact. A woman got an opportunity to throw a scandal, an emotional provocation, to cheat on the man, and, when he tried to stand up for himself in the natural for him way of physical force, to put him behind bars relying on the state repressive power. A woman also got a right to legal blackmail. A simple report was enough to put a man that slept with her in prison for rape. A huge amount of men were sentenced to prisons and labor camps for daring to hit a wife during a family fight, or due to false rape report. And even more men had to marry, or to pay the sexual partner under the thread of prison. By the way, the situation in USA today is similar.

2. The cultural tradition that regulated the relationship in a family died with the economic basis of traditional family — an ability of the family to have an independent source of income and stripping the man of all his reproductive rights. Man was cast down from the head of the household and family business position to the level of disfranchised free sperm donor and low-paid worker for the state. He was also ordered to help woman with her woman’s part of the household jobs and chores.

3. System of education, which used to be segregated by gender and was designed to turn boys and girls into men and women was replaced with the unified system of raising standard cogs of the state and industrial machine. Men were raised unable to think for their own interests, but oriented toward the state’s and woman’s interests instead. Furthermore, men were taken out from the educational process — in elementary schools completely, in higher schools partially. The upbringing was done almost exclusively by women in the women’s and state’s interests. In case of a divorce, children, property and future income were taken from men and given to women.

4. Men could not even think about owning and managing property, for the basis of the internal politics of the communist regime was to deprive citizens of any property, other than private household items, to make them completely dependent on the state. Private property on land, residence and means of production did not exist. That lowered the man from the position of responsible leader of family hierarchy to low-rank or mid-rank male that does not control a territory. Which put families into crisis — men no longer perceived their families and home as their troop and territory, so as soon as the woman, manipulating a man, crossed a certain pain threshold, the man left the family. A man can not feel as a responsible king in the house that does not belong to him, from which is pushed out by the woman when she create psychological discomfort.

6. Marriages based on rational expectations, when the man is smarter and more experienced, or when the marriage partners were selected from the same level of society and with creed in mind, were socially condemned. The love marriages with accidental partners were encouraged. When love left, the man ended up under the woman’s heel, or had to pay alimony (or was pursued by the state for non-payment).

7. Unlike the modern governments, the communists quickly realized the dangers of the free sexual marketplace. The sexual emancipation of women, started after the revolution, was folded in the first few years. After the USSR breakdown, however, the free sexual marketplace caught up with a vengeance.

But the most violent blow fell on the religion. Most priests were simply killed soon after the revolution. Communists manipulated the animalistic instincts of the population, and the church’s influence really impeded them.

Thus, a special form of state matriarchy was instituted in Russia, an artificial matriarchal imbalance in gender relationship in women’s favor, before the usual preconditions — safety and satiety. That state of being still exists, an average woman, despite her privileged position in the society, still has a hard time supporting herself without a man. And the man is weakened, his status is so low it can’t be any lower. Feminism in Russia is not as shameless as it is in the West, where it has to fight against relatively strong and independent men. Also, a Russian man did not accumulate as much wealth as his western counterpart, the little he has does not justify a full scale gender war — not that one is actually needed. While the Western matriarchy is characterized by strong domination of women at state and political level, Russian matriarchy leans more toward the sexual marketplace and sexual provocation. In the past decade, Russian women became infamous abroad for their looseness. In Russia, taking resources from men is an individual woman’s business, rather then state’s. Yet. It is merely a question of several years, two decades at most. Women who failed to sell themselves on the sexual marketplace will soon become a political force and start demanding the female share of male’s resources from the virtual leader — the government.

Discrimination against men is not only established both by law and by precedent (here, long body of a law that states that male only draft is not a discriminatory practice, protection of women’s maternity leave is not a discriminatory practice).

I.e. men have no reproductive rights by definition. Functions of fathers are ignored. Most young men lose their civil rights and liberties (some a literally caught on the streets) and put in the state’s slave holding system, where they suffer from torture and abuse. This is called “serving in the army”, though it has nothing to do with military service or training. Men are getting their heads and genitals kicked, while young women receive education, enjoy their young years, and their genitals are guarded by an army of medics. At the expense of men. And this is not discrimination, this is equality. We will go over the details later, one of the chapters is devoted to men’ position in modern society.

The consequences are all around us. The leader’s instinct in men is suppressed, the low-rank instincts are active. Mid-rank at best. Men are infantile and inert (weakened by the genocide and slave-like upbringing in the matriarchy). If men understand their interests, they stay away from family to avoid being dependent on woman’s and state’s good will (women refer to these men as scoundrels). Women, too, do not bother too much with making a family and bearing children, they prefer to compete with men to take their resources. The most popular ideology among young women is the bitch cult. A popular singer in her song tells girls to “put boys under the heel”, make their “pickets empty”, and “hide feelings under body armor”. Marriage is mostly seen as an easy and legal way to take resources from a man. The dream of a young modern emancipated Russian woman is to find a sugar daddy (“Sponsor” in the original), who will fully provide for her in exchange for rare sexual favors and won’t interfere in her life. Finding the “lover” nowadays is not realistic, a man is weakened to the point that even in movies the actors can’t portray neither a tough guy in an action flick, nor an aristocrat in a historical movie. A non-emancipated woman is even worse off. Her female instinct perceives an average man as a weak non-viable male, she can’t love him no matter how much she needs love, and she does not want to bear his children. Her only option is to marry a foreigner or a tough man (stronger, influential, rich man). The result is demographic crisis in the country and young women as a major export. If a non-emancipated woman forms a family after all, her female instinct pushes her toward the least fit men — the would-be chieftains, modern marginal losers. Having given birth, she has no man’s material support — in the best case, in the worst case she ends up with a husband-alcoholic that she has to support because “she takes pity on him”. Russian women moan that the men are either weaklings or scoundrels (“no good men left”), men splutter that all women are either morons or bitches. The most valuable, low-instinct-drive high-rank genes immigrate out of the country. This is the sad reality of Russia today.

The state, having no idea about biological causes of the problem, attempts to solve it with ineffective social and economical measures such as monetary bonuses for birth of a child and allowing migration from other countries. Given the matriarchal imbalance, that only increases the proportion of the people with high-instinct-drive in the gene pool, which reproduce just fine to begin with. The result is transfer of wealth from original population to alcoholics and migrants, and degradation of society as a whole.

There are, of course, normal, adequate families with strong men as the head of household, the author personally knows two such families, but year after year their amount diminishes.

Image 21. The composition of Russian society after the genocide.

The image illustrates that as the result of intensive artificial selection (genocide) the high-rank and mid-rank men were destroyed. The high-rank gene composition has increased somewhat in the 1990s, as the result of success of various criminal elements. The low-instinct-drive, too, either died of fled (the brain leak).

That explains the instinctive attraction of high-instinct-drive women to the criminals, as well as popularity of the criminally themed music genre (shanson) — most high-rank men are criminals.

Image 22. Hierarchy structure change of Russian society as it progressed (and regressed). The society adopts more effective structure as it advances, and turns into a pyramid as it degrades. It also shows that progress without creation of compensation mechanism is quickly nullified by following regress.

In entire the modern “civilized” post-christian world we observe a dispirited trend. The cultural and religious compensation mechanisms, designed to neutralize destructive instincts, are either destroyed or are being destroyed. The pair formation instincts are purposefully suppressed via feminist propaganda. Instincts of the lowest level — the troop level — are freed. The society degrades.

Chapter 3. The Algorithm of Love