Middle East.

by manualformen

Societies in the Middle East kept their ancient family or clan structure. The average instinct drive is high. Rank potential differs across the ethnicities. Hierarchies are pyramidal. The religion is Islam. Democracy, if any, is purely formal. Everyone votes for the ruler of the strongest clan, or his protege. One’s position in society depends on which clan of family he or she belongs to. Poor ability of high-instinct-drive people to organize limits the development of large business. To build and maintain complicated industrial and energy installations, members of low-instinct-drive northern ethnicites are invited. Low standards of living, and neighbors’ aggression leads to high importance of man’s role of provider and protector. There is a clear separation of gender roles. Man holds the position of responsible leader of family hierarchy. Society is balanced. As the result — high birth rates. Strong Islamic and Arabic religious and cultural tradition, in general, manage the weak (so far) female pressure, but at a hefty price — they limit the development of material culture, organization and means of production. Abortion and contraception are either banned outright, or neutralized via propaganda. Family institution is supported on all levels. Men are controlled by all women of a clan together via the usual manipulative methods. Even when living thousands of miles away from home, man still keeps connected, sends them money and expensive gifts. Woman’s positions in society is traditional. She is in the safest and satiest place, takes care of house and children, is provided for and has social protection. And, of course, she does not argue against it and ridicules western women as fools who have to earn their own living.

Once, I upon a documentary titled “A Man and a Woman” about inter gender relationships. I bought and watched it in hopes that someone has already described and explained, and that I won’t have to work and write this book, but was again disappointed. In particular, there is an episode in the movie which talks about oppression of women in Islamic countries. While the voice explained, the video, as if mocking the speaker, showed a woman in burqa buying heavy golden jewelry. Some oppression. Has anyone ever heard of slaves that had their own gold reserve?

Still, as standards of living improve, we can observe matriarchal tendencies in the Middle East. New responsibilities for men are written in laws. Women “emancipate”, i.e. gain new new rights while keeping old privileges. Local TV channels show semi-naked bodies of local pop-singers, establishing the culture of sexual provocation. Divorce is no longer a shameful rarity. Relationship between genders steadily move toward the free pack sexual marketplace. The situation here is different in a sense that a man can not build partner-type relationship with high-instinct-drive woman, her instinctive programs are to strong. Her domination is harsh, and manipulations are persistent. Just a small imbalance of domination will cause a significant matriarchal imbalance. I spoke to Arabs in Egypt, they complain that they are servants to their women nowadays.

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