by manualformen

Woman. She is gorgeous. She is surrounded by an aura of mystery. She is the object of man’s desire and man’s love. Man brings her spoils of war for survival and composes poems to in her honor. Her presence paralyzes man’s will and shuts down his mind. When she leaves, man feels strange unhappiness, and emptiness in his wallet. Nevertheless, there so little lore about the relationship between a man and a woman one can live a whole life without understanding it. The literature on the subject is limited to complicated and contradictory psychological theories, rapturous oohs and aahs of romantic writers, hateful feminist demagoguery, pickup instructions and musings of women haters — nothing that would give clear and concise description. Bits and pieces of information could be found in books written by ethologists and biologists, who study the behavior of animals in the wild — but, again, nothing that would give a complete picture. Shelves in bookstores are filled with books written by women for women of the ‘Ten Ways to Manipulate Your Man’ and ‘How Great It Is To Be a Bitch’ sort. In the twenty first century, the century in which humankind has discovered the evolution of the Universe, invented numerous particle theories and created genetically modified organisms, a woman to a man is still a mystery, a supernatural object. There is a small number of men who do actually understand women — but, unfortunately, they do not write books. Not until now…

Once upon a time, after yet another romantic (mis)adventure, I recognized a number of patterns emerging in my relationships with women, and I asked myself a question — what exactly am I dealing with, and what is the nature of this phenomenon? Having been prepared by my university to be a researcher, I began to systemize my existing knowledge, and to search for new one. What followed was a several years long journey of discovery. Having started with enumerating psychological tricks women employ, I had to go through humankind’s history and prehistory in the end. The picture, the worldview assembled from the pattern’s elements gathered turned out to be so logical, simple and elegant, I couldn’t resist sharing my findings. I wrote this book like a manual, from simple to complex, from past to present. Besides, a manual does not have to follow a formal citation style, and someone must have already found what I have learnt. Hence, a manual.

To make the book accessible to a wider audience, I kept scientific terminology to a minimum, and often sacrificed rigorousness of proof for ease of understanding — apologies to professional scientists.

The book utilizes simple and familiar (to men) language to describe and explain nature of women, their behavior, their logic, their mystery, their motives when they interact with men, children and society. After reading this book, a woman will no longer be a mystery to the reader. The book is written for the widest audience of men, from a president to teenager, who want to understand women and be in control of a relationship with a woman. The book is also of interest to those women who want to better understand themselves.