Expenditures of civilization

by manualformen

Despite the very high efficiency of a democratic society, with its active and responsible low-instinct-drive middle class, its unnatural, inverted shape makes the inter gender relationships extremely complicated and difficult. The female instinct of a woman, which formed over the millions of years of evolution has not changed. It does not know that today, the genetically perspective and successful male is a smart merchant with his own fleet, or a programmer in glasses. For the instinct, the genetically perspective is still the aggressive uncontrollable male. Once, I asked a girl “Why you don’t like decent nice guys, why do you prefer violent half-wits?” “Because they are fun!” — she answered without hesitation. Well, from now on we will stop being surprised at school girls falling in love with hooligans and ignoring the good classmates, which are objectively better, smarter and more interesting.

To protect a young woman from the wrong choice of her female instinct, in balanced cultures the pairs are arranged by the older generation, usually — parents, which follow the same principles used in breeding of (other) animals — selection according to viability and productivity. This “not by love, but by parental blessing” practice allowed to keep the gene pool at high quality level level for centuries, but carried some emotional expenditures. Such practice was widely spread in pre-revolutionary Russia.

Modern civilized women, with female instinct being not satisfied by the “quality” of modern males, and preferring these males in the role of husbands and sponsors (sugar daddies), often get the emotions and sex they crave from the men with high instinct drive. Sex tourism to Turkey (Caucasus during the Soviet era) is a classic now. Did you ever notice how the women look at black men in strip clubs? Their appearance, posture, gait, shape, internal confidence, attitude is a lot more reminiscent of the strong primitive male than the concerned insecure figure of modern white man is. A woman of a civilized society has a hard time finding a man who is a strong male in the stone age of the world, a strong male in the modern sense of the world and has a desire to provide for her and children — such men simply do not exist in the real world, these are completely different types with mutually exclusive qualities. The would-be chieftains of the ancient tribes, the hooligans and botchers school girls fall in love with, become felons and/or alcoholics in a modern society. If they remain sexually attractive in their adult years for a simple, high-instinct-drive woman, they have no desire or ability to provide for the woman. Successful managers and professionals with high incomes do not have the aggression and independence that is the main attraction criteria for the female instinct. The stone age female in a woman disqualifies a high-rank low-instinct-drive male, which was reared as a manageable cog of societal system — i.e. has traits of a low-rank. The mind of the woman disqualifies the high-rank high-instinct-drive man — a felon or alcoholic, or a low paid driver in the best case. The woman is trapped in the matriarchal snare of unbalanced society, she flounces between mind and instinct, unable to make a choice and disqualifying all men.

For this reason, many modern women achieve their ideal not in one man, that would fulfill all their needs, but by finding, as they put it, a “combined man”. One man fulfills her intellectual and spiritual needs (“he is interesting”), another one — her sexual needs (“he is great in bed!”), the third — material (“my goat”), fourth — emotional (“loved one”). Second and fourth are usually the same man.

Such a situation disorients the woman’s female instinct, blocks the reproductive function and switches into dominating mode. As the result, a civilized society develops a strong matriarchal tendency coupled demographic crisis, which is exacerbated by availability of effective contraception.

So. As a society expands, develops and grows old, so grows a contradiction that is difficult to deal with. On one hand, the interests of the society require weakening of man — as compared to his “wild” ancestor. On the other hand — the weakening lowers his attractiveness for women as a sexual partner and father of children, and makes the female domination easier. At some point, the contradictions become too strong for the compensation mechanisms to deal with it, society degrades into matriarchy, suffers from a demographic catastrophe and goes extinct.

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