Biological meaning of religious terms. Short dictionary.

by manualformen

God — a bearer of far superior to human’s intellectuaa, informational and technical abilities. The archetype of God is being used by a religion as super high rank super dominant in position above social hierarchy.

Religion — a systemized set of expectations, rules, rituals and knowledge designed to correct animalistic instinctive behavior of people to minimize the contradictions between the instinctive behavior and interests of society. A religion is formed based on generalizing of the accumulated practical experience.

Church — an organization that performs the work to correct the animalistic instinctive behavior of people to minimize the contradictions between the instinctive behavior and interests of society both on societal and individual level. Uses religion as the main tool.

Cleric (priest) — a professional in removal of controversies between the instinctive behavior and and needs of a large society. Works with individuals.

Monk — a man that uses specific training and life style to block certain parts of hierarchical and gender instinctive program to free the mind from their control. Fulfills supportive and household function in a church structure.

Testament — a religious ban on certain types of harmful for society animalistic instinctive behavior.

Spirituality — an ability to suppress the animalistic instinctive motivation by rational motivation.

Devil — the aggregate of human animalistic instincts, that seek to control the human.

Temptation — animalistic instinctive behavioral motivation.

Sin — instinctive action, animalistic behavior, which is prohibited by a testament.

Prayer — an appeal to God as to the bearer of superior mind. A human activity, in which he or she formulates his desires, evaluates their motivation and corrects them in accordance with testaments and needs of society.

Confession — an individual session, in which a professional priest analyzes and evaluates the instinctive motivation in actions and desires of a specific man or woman, corrects them, performs psychotherapy.

Baptism — a ritual that symbolizes that the Christian church takes under its control animalistic instincts of this particular child, man or woman.

Prophet — a priest of political activists that invented and promoted a new system to neutralize animalistic instincts.

False prophet — a fraud that invented a scheme to use human animalistic instincts and promotes it in his personal interests.

Totalitarian cult — an organization created by the fraudsters to satisfy their hierarchical instinct and for their personal enrichment through manipulating animalistic instincts of the members of the cult.

Turpitude (depravity, permissiveness, freedom “do whatever I want”) — behavior motivated by unimpeded animalistic instincts that control a human through emotions and desires.

Christian freedom (enlightenment) — freedom from instinctive motivation of behavior. As well as freedom from external manipulative effects at the instinctive programs of an individual, rational behavior, behavior with understanding of harm free reign of instincts would cause to a modern society. Practicality, high efficiency and high standard of living of Europeans is the consequence.

Self-sacrifice, love of neighbor — manifestations of the young altruistic instincts.

Celibacy — special anti-matriarchal measure, taking the clergy out of women’s area of control and out of control of reproductive instinct.

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