by manualformen

Let us start with the basics and establish some definitions. What does constitute a relationship between a man and a woman?

There is a plethora of reasons why a man, armed with powerful logic, finds it exceptionally hard to understand women. Sexual attraction that acts to distort the perception is one of the many we will cover further. The main reason is the composite nature of a relationship. Man and woman interact in three dimensions:

1. As a male and female of homo sapiens species.

2. As two partners in a business venture.

3. As two friends, acquantances, neighbors — interpersonal dimension.

Each and every one of the three affects not only the final outcome, but others as well. It is impossible to compute the individual vectors knowing only the sum. We will look at each dimension separately to draw the complete picture of a relationship between genders, and between humans in general.

3. Interpersonal dimension.

This one is the smallest of the three and wil be left outside of the book’s scope. Normally, what is attributed to interpersonal relationship actually is a manifestation of either the gender instinct or the hierarchical instinct of a specimen. The book focuses will focus on the first two.

It is impossible to describe the inner workings of a complicated object such as, for example, a jet engine, without basic knowledge of physics and specialized knowledge of aerodynamics and mechanics. Likewise, it is impossible to describe a man and a woman without basic knowledge of humanity in general. Thus, the first chapter of the book is dedicated to the basis of the basics — biological nature of our species.

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