Birth of Human Civilization

by manualformen

Matriarchal degradation of societies is just one of the many problems that manifested with the development of material culture. It was not enough to simply copy the tribal hierarchy and structure to balance the inter gender relationship, and the society as a whole.

Robbery, theft, mortal feud can still happen in a patriarchal family, and between families. Just like in an imbalanced tribe where people are armed with weapons, but not with morals.

The solution is obvious. If the biological moral will not suffice, an artificial one is in order. A tradition. Based on some strong instinct, preferably several. And doubled by some other system. This is the moment when the humanity needed, and invented cultural tradition and religion. Any further evolution of human societies and development of material culture was simply impossible without them.

Initially, only a small correction was needed. Early religions were myths and stories — the nes that fulfilled learning and educational purposes — that were refitted into horror stories to affect the human instincts through fear and other emotions. Like a mother telling a flamboyant child that if he won’t calm down, the evil babai will get him. The child does not know who or what babai is beyond ‘it is an evil spirit’, but that is enough to calm him down at least a little bit. And if the shaman of a wild tribe, having put on bear hide, amulets, having eaten up toad stools, convulsing in ecstasy, groaning and howling, explains that babai is the evil spirit that lives in a tree near the river and controls the thunderstorm, that will get through to an adult members of the tribe as well. That way, besides the strong man at the top of the hierarchy, the tribe got another leader, a virtual super dominant — a god. Using that god to affect the self-preservation and hierarchical instincts, people could solve the new evolutionary problem the humanity faced.

For example, the tribe’s women, following their animalistic female instinct they have from the times of the pack, seek to form a pair with a high-rank, and to conceive a child from the leader. They also want to swindle the low ranks and get fed in exchange for promises. But a society needs a monogamous marriage. And since there more women than high- and mid-rank men, many women have to make pairs with low-ranks, which does not sit will with their female instinct — the instinct wants sex with and children from a high-rank. To avoid the mess that would otherwise ensue, the society needed addition to the rank of low-rank man — patronage of the super-dominant with the highest rank, god or gods or spirits. “God chooses your husband” is a well known maxim, that was used to pacify the female’s instinct and to make the woman accept her low-rank husband. Part of the super high rank of the god in human hierarchy, part of the divine was bestowed upon the man.

Another example, the fear toward the omniscient and powerful super dominant was used to create an effective taboo system — a ban on some actions, that were against the interests of the tribe. One can commit a crime such that the leader won’t find out, but noone can hide from the all-seeing eye of the god. Punishment is inescapable. This fear of supernatural inevitability allowed to introduce an artificial moral in the daily life of society. A society needed something more than a mortal leader, that can easily be killed, but some invincible immortal omnipotent and all-powerful superleader. And that superleader was born. And took the highest place in the hierarchy — right above the mortal leader. God or gods with top god at the top.

Thus, the greatest compensating mechanism was born, purpose of which was to neutralize the animalistic instincts of men — religion and cultural tradition. It was the religion and tradition that allowed to use the wealth and advantages of material culture while neutralizing its deficiencies. It was religion and tradition that allowed Humanity to evolve and to progress socially and technologically at a lighting fast pace. Unlike the ancient homo sapiens, Neanderthals lacked imagination with abstract thinking and, being unable to create religion as a system of suppressing their pack instincts, got stuck in an evolutionary dead end. Hundred thousand years was not enough of a leg up, they remained at the level of a pack until extinction.

The evolutionary melting pot of Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic produced new, balanced societies. The History of Humankind Civilization has began.

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